Six Reasons Why You Should Drink Craft Beer in 2019

What is the purpose of differentiating between macro beer and craft beer? 

After all, they are both beers, or aren’t they?
While you might think they are the same, that is not the case. 

Even if you believe that the taste is equal, there are lots of reasons why you should consider reaching for that craft beer rather than a macro. 
The next time you are at your local joint, beer aisle, restaurant or bar, think of the reasons we are going to discuss here as to why you should start drinking craft beer, and base your decision of that.

Here are the 6 reasons you should be drinking craft beer in 2019.

#1 – Craft Beer…Has Superior Ingredients 

An average beer will require about four ingredients to be made – yeast, hops, grain and water. It is that simple. However, when it comes to your local brewery, the odds are they use fresher, higher quality, and in some instances, organic or locally-grown ingredients

Apart from quality, and possibly more important, is the question of what goes into the beer brew. Some concerns have been raised over the likelihood of some non-craft beer brews containing additives like propylene glycol alginate, corn syrup, and caramel colouring. 

When consulted health expert Janine Brundle of Havelock Healing explains “the important thing to remember is that corn syrup, like any sweetener, is bad for your body when taken in excess. It pays to take the time to see what you’re really drinking.” 

Visit your local brewery today and chances are the brewers will not mind taking you back to the “backroom” and let you smell, taste, and handle the ingredients they use. It is quite rare for brewmasters to turn down requests to showcase the ingredients that they use to make their product. 

#2 – Craft Beer…Is The Result of Sustainable Brewing 

Most craft beer brewers have something known as an environmental streak in them. 

Most of them try to do what they do best in a sustainable, environmentally-friendly manner. From using practices and equipment that require fewer resources to providing farmers with spent grain to using alternative sources of energy to using compost, most of these breweries are more than just making money. 

The exciting thing is that you are also a part of the process. Each time you fill your keg or take that reusable growler, you are helping decrease waste and energy usage.

#3 – Craft Beer…Has More of Everything 

There are more styles, more love, and more selection in the craft beer industry that you’ll ever find in the world of commercial beer. There is a reason why these beers are called “craft.” Take a moment and think about the number of beer styles commercial beer companies brew. Well, they are not that many.

Now, take another moment and think of all the variations and styles available at your local brew bistro. The closest brewery likely has drinks to match your different moods. Feel like indulging in an IPA, an Imperial Red, Amber, a Stout, or a Saison? There’s a strong chance they are all on tap. 

Creativity flows freely in these breweries too! Not just in brewing but also in areas like names and such. Take a moment and compare a section of craft beer names, aisles and labels, to that of commercial breweries. 

Do you see the difference? It is quite huge. 

Let’s not forget about the love of the craft. Many craft brewers started as homebrewers who loved to stretch the craft, experiment and try new things. Such kind of an environment can never be found within macro breweries where “craft” or innovation is irrelevant to their bottom line. 

#4 – Craft Beer…Offers Seasonal Varieties

Craft beers allow you to match your drinking tastes with the changing seasons.

Looking for a crisp beer to enjoy in the hot Aussie summer? That’s possible. Maybe you’re after a darker, heavier, hoppier beer for the cold winter? No problem!

Craft beer is able to evolve and change to meet your needs and suit any situation.

Sydney marriage celebrant Fiona King agrees that craft beer is always a hit at weddings, whatever the season. She says, “because craft beers offer a selection that can be matched with any theme or season, it’s a great choice for weddings or other celebrations.”

Craft beer brewers brew seasonals, making some styles for specific seasons, or using in-season ingredients. There are seasonal crafts that I patiently wait for every year, and the bated wait makes them worth every moment spent waiting for them to arrive. 

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#5 – Craft beer…Has Health Benefits

Much has been said about how drinking wine can benefit your health; however, research has shown that drinking beer can have almost similar benefits, albeit to a lesser degree. 

Though it might sound controversial, truth is there are several things that beer trumps wine on. 

For instance, it contains vitamin B and proteins. Furthermore, the antioxidant nature of beer, though a bit different from that of wine, is almost equivalent. 

Beer is also rich in silicon, and new studies are pointing to hops as a possible solution for cognitive decline. However, it is worth keeping in mind that these health benefits will vary with brewing practices and ingredient quality. 

Want to feel better about what you are getting out of your beer? Drink craft. However, the diet and nutrition experts at Highgate Proactive Health warns beer-lovers to not misinterpret it as the new fad diet. They say, “drinking beer in moderation, along with regular exercise and eating a balanced diet may present several health benefits. Binge-drinking, on the other hand, will have the opposite effect on health.” 

When it comes to it, moderation is the key. 

#6 – Craft Beer…is Great For Food Pairing 

Much has been said about pairing different foods with wine. While it is popular, trendy, and sophisticated, it does not work as well as with beer. 

With so many complex flavours available to choose from, craft beer out-does what wine is capable of offering without too much of an effort. 

Wine has two main ingredients compared to at least four in craft beers. Different yeast strains, various grains, different water profiles, and different hops – any one of these ingredients could drastically alter a given craft beer’s flavour profile. 

This is reinforced by craft beer lover and Sydney SEO expert Alexander Porter. He explains “I didn’t realise just how well craft beers could go with food and elevate the flavour. After my parents moved to the Gold Coast I started spending time there, and came across the Laughing Lizard Brewing Co. These guys know their stuff and the quality of the beer on offer is second to none. I highly recommend checking these guys out.”

And that is just with the four main ingredients. Considering that foods are quite diverse, why not try pairing them with something as diverse too? 

With so many benefits of craft beer, the only thing left to ask is…which are you going to try first?

Looking for more information to kickstart your craft beer journey? Chat to a member of the experienced Laughing Lizard Brewing team today!

Author Bio: Mike Bird