Sip-tember Brews News

Sip-tember Brews News

Hi BEER LOVERS. Spring is here and it is now BEER & BBQ time. Get yourself organized and get ready. Not only can you get your beer here, but we do BBQ gas bottles as well.

Gold Coast Party Keg Hire

QLD have eased the restrictions –  allowing gatherings of 30!!
Iso-excited. Iso-keen, Iso-thirsty…
There is no better way to celebrate this milestone than sharing an ice-cold craft beer with 29 other friends. 

Offering a “plugin & pour ” deal,
you have nothing to worry about except choosing who you want to share the beers with!

BETTY the BOTTLING LADY  has finally hung up her capper.  Betty has been bottling beer for our customers for over 12 years. She will now be caravaning around QLD with Ash and the dog. Her happy smiling face will be missed around the brewery on Thursday mornings. The good news is she has trained up a new girl. Ari takes over this week and has just as big a smile as Betty.

Beers Ready To Go 

As always, we got these culprits brewed and ready to bottle or keg. 

The SHARE BOARD is always a great way to get something different. Keep an eye on the Dark Beers and Stouts. They are always popular during these colder months. 


With the onslaught of the Corona Virus and all the restrictions that have been enforced because of it, many people are now enjoying a nice cold craft beer off the tap at home. It is a WIN-WIN situation. You are happy because you are saving money and drinking great beer and the good wife is happy because you are saving money and not at the pub every Friday night. If you don’t have beer on tap at home, then you’re missing out.

Owning your own keg fridge has never been CHEAPER

The Laughing Lizard Brewing Company have now made it cheaper and easier for you to own your very own Keg Fridge.
Head to our KEG FRIDGE page. Links will take you directly to our supplier. Build your own Kegerator with many options to choose from.
Then come to us and buy your 3 kegs and we will fill all 3 but you will only pay for 2 of the fills. That is a saving of $70.


You have probably noticed how super busy we are at the moment. We are averaging 16,500 litres of beer per month going out the door. Well, it is just about to get a whole lot busier with the warmer months and Christmas. We have got you covered but please be patient with us. We will be doing our best but even after 14 years in the business we may make a mistake or forget your order. (Old age). Luckily, we have great staff, Claire, Daz, Jodie, Will & Ari doing all the hard work. 
Please have your kegs in early if your SHARE BEER is due. If you are getting one of 6 ready to go beers allow a few hours or better still drop your kegs off in the morning and pick up in the afternoon or next day. If you are ordering DRY PACKS, please give us at least 24 hours notice.
The best hint we can give you, is to make sure you double-check that we have written it down when you ring through your order.

Headmaster glasses are the best and we sell them for $4 each or 6 for $20.


It will soon be Christmas. If you are planning any parties (COVID 19 permitting), book in your equipment and beer early.
Speaking of Christmas, this year for the first time ever we will be open on some days between Christmas & New Year. More details in the next newsletter.
Always check your gas system for leaks whenever you change a gas bottle. It is a great idea to have a spare gas bottle. We sell 400gm gas bottles for $80. These are a great little backup emergency gas bottle. If you run out of gas you can’t pour beer. Everyone has 2 BBQ gas bottles so it just makes sense to have a spare Beer Gas Bottle. If you are having gas problems check out our video on our FaceBook page

“Gold Coasters can now have gatherings of up to 30 – hire a keg fridge from us and celebrate”

Corona beer Jokes

That’s it from us. Enjoy your new-found freedom with the ease of restrictions. Continue to listen to the Qld government guidelines and if you are showing any symptoms, please stay home and do the right thing. As long as you have ice-cold beer at home to enjoy, are you really lonely? Should you find yourself having to isolate, give us a call and we can deliver some craft beer to your door! 
In the meantime, we still have plenty of cold beer to keep you happy & sane in the brewery.