LAUGHING LIZARD Members Share Board

Beer Twice As Nice & Half The Price – Fill Your Bottles, Growlers, Kegs With Preservative FREE, Chemical Free Beer

The LAUGHING LIZARD BREWING COMPANY has a BOP (Brew on Premise) License. Our license only permits us to sell a minimum of 50lts at a time and the customer must contribute to the making of the beer.

Some of our customers prefer to purchase smaller amounts. This is made possible by using the “Share Board”. 

Beers Below Are Always Ready And Brewed Ready To Go in 2 carton/1 keg lots

No.6 Mexicana. 4.7% (Similar to Corona).

No.33 summer Lizard. 4.7%. (Our own recipe. Australian lager)

No.36 Easy Dry. 5%. (Similar to TED).

No.83 Rockin Timber. 4.7% (Similar to Stone & Wood Pacific Ale).

No.73 Half Tail Lizard. 3.5%. (Our own recipe. Pale Ale flavour).

No.75. 4 Lizards Mid. 3.5% (Similar to 4X Gold).


Each share portion is equivalent to 8.3 litres. This is equivalent to 24 of 345ml bottles or 23 of 375ml bottles plus half a glass for tasting prior to bottling. If you are using 19lt kegs you need to put your name on 2 shares.

All shared beers will be put down only when the whole 6 spaces have been filled. We need someone from that shared beer to come in and assist with the brewing process. Shared Beers will be put down only on Mondays or Tuesdays and will be ready for bottling from Wednesday to Saturday two weeks later.

Please be aware that we need your share bottled or kegged in this time frame. If you are using kegs they need to be at the “LAUGHING LIZARD BREWING COMPANY” prior to the TUESDAY on the bottling week.Please check the board regularly and confirm your bottling time.


STEP 1: Choose the beer.

STEP 2: You can add your name to an existing line that is not yet filled. or You can choose the beer and start a new line if there are any blank spaces in the Beer Name Column

STEP 3: Click on the “Contact Us” button and email us your selections.

The Web Page will be updated between 8am & 10am most days. It will be a first in gets the allocation basis. Please check the web page regularly to make sure you are in the correct share and to check the bottling dates.

STEP 4: All SHARE PERSONS will be contacted by e-mail by the FRIDAY of the week before that your beer is ready. Please check the web site and your e-mails regularly.

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Choose & confirm your bottling day and time Either by email or phone 55639056. If you are using kegs they must be in by prior to the MONDAY morning (9am) on the bottling week.
If you have not confirmed your bottling time or have your kegs here by the due time, we may sell that beer off to people on the waiting list. Let us know if there are any problems and we’ll work with you.