May 2017 Newsletter

Welcome everyone, winter is coming and so is the first Origin. We are so confident the Mighty Maroons will win the series, that if by some unforseen circumstance, like NSW cheat and win, John will make a blue beer to put on tap!

The Head Lines:

NEW DRINK: We have created a new healthy carbonated drink made from Ginger, Turmeric, Honey and Black Pepper. Just google these ingredients for their amazing health benefits. This  will be available shortly.

MOTHERSDAY: Guys let’s not forget  those most important people, our wives and mothers, why not buy them a keg fridge, they will love you forever.

SPIRIT SHOP: Winter is a great time to get into making spirits. Speak to the boys and they will show you how to make spirits from only $8.00. Just to kick start you off, for this month only a full still setup with filter which retails for over $900.00 will only cost you $750.00

RENOVATIONS: We have now sealed  the cement in the front entrance way to help keep the dust out. Our hire fridges have a new door wrap and look sensational and finally  our new web site is ready to go as soon as Gary is back from holidays and gives it his tick of approval. We are also working on a huge mural  on the wall above the kettles.  “ Watch that space”

Beer of the Month:

The beer of the month for May is JOAGS PREMIUM, similar to James Boags Premium  but much nicer 4.9%

As you can see 60% of the Top 10 are beers created by John and Gary.

Top 10 Sellers:  1.    Mexicana  2.    Summer Lizard  3.    Easy Dry  4.    Ginger Beer  5.    Tropical Cider  6.    Half Tail Lizard  7.    Four Men Lite  8.    Nothern Lizard  9.    Amarillo Lizard  10.    Da-Vinci