July News – New Cider, New Beer – Get On Board

 July Brews & News 
 Welcome to all our new members. Over the last financial year, 159 new members have joined up plus with all the friendly regulars we have been very busy keeping up the beer supply for you all. That’s over 11,000 litres of cold craft beer per month going out the door. We also have 109 new customers that now have Keg Fridges in their home or man cave. On top of that, we have all our good regulars that buy their spirit essences and home brewing equipment and Dry Packs.
We’d like to thank all our customers for their patronage throughout the last financial year and we hope you are enjoying our beer and service.     

 With Thanks Gary & John
Reviews are like gold for our business, and we really appreciate them.  If you like what we do give us a good review and we’ll give you a free stubby cooler.  
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If you recommend us to any new customers, we will give you 15% off your next purchase. The new customer must spend a minimum of $50 on their first visit which is a membership and put their name on the SHARE BOARD for a carton of beer. Your 15% discount is up to a maximum of $75.
PICK UP TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY AND RETURN THURSDAY. Minimum beer order of 2 by 17lt kegs.
 What’s New In The Beer Game…The last 12 months have seen some new beers being created which have been very popular. We started with the HOITY LIZARD, No.84 on our list. It’s a fruity pale ale with extra’s. We have a few regulars who love this one if you like our ROCKIN TIMBER No.83 you should have a crack at the HOITY LIZARD on the SHARE BOARD.The OL MAN LIZARD, (No.30). This a dark beer similar to a Toohey’s old but with a bit more flavour and bitterness. Very popular with the dark beer lovers and often on the SHARE BOARDNext, we created the BLACK & TAN LIZARD, No.76 to our Mid Range Beers. Remember the old days when you’d have a half Toohey’s Old and half Toohey’s New, (depends how old you are), well we crossed our OL MAN LIZARD (No.30) with our EASY BLUE (No.77) and Black & Tan Lizard was hatched! We specially made this for a couple of really old regulars who reckon we’ve nailed it. It’s also often on the SHARE BOARD.LIZARD ISLAND (No.99).This is our newest beer and it’s sensational. It’s a typical IPA with a nice dark tan colour and great fruity hoppy flavours. We found a recipe for a beer called “Paradise in a Glass” and we modified it and made it fantastic.  We even converted a guy who only drinks ciders. At 5.9% this one will have you singing at all the parties. In one month, it was on the SHARE BOARD 5 times. It’s in our special range/wheat free beer section.
  WICKED NUTS. If you haven’t picked up a bag of wicked nuts on your way out with your beer, well..YOUR NUTS!!! PREMIUM BILTONG BEEF JERKY.  SPICY BBQ. | HOT. | SWEET CHILLI. | SMOKEY. | TERIYAKI.  | ORIGINAL$5.50 PER PACKET. GREAT WITH BEER.  DRINK NOW, PAY LATER We have Gas Bottles, Beer Glasses, Brew Kits and now we have 
ZIPPAY available for your bigger purchases. Keg Fridges, Camperator, Beer Bundles – drink now, pay later
WELL, THERE’S MORE!!! We changed one of our beers recently. No.75. We used to call it 4 Men Lite and it was supposed to be like XXXX GOLD. It wasn’t quite good enough, so we re-vamped the recipe and changed some hops and added more grain and now have it a lot closer and is very popular with the XXXX Gold drinkers.  (We just can’t get that shitty battery acid taste in there). We call it 4 LIZARDS MID (No75). We also added 2 ciders to our list, PEAR CIDER (No.64) and STRAWBERRY CIDER (No.65). Both these have plenty of flavours and extend our range now to 4 ciders including the very popular TROPICAL CIDER (No.63) and the APPLE CIDER (No.62). We’ve tried a few different ciders over the last couple of years but these 4 seem to be the best.

CIDER SPACE Did you know how the Tropical Cider was invented?  
Well, some years ago our neighbours in the shed next door had a business where they made supplements for racehorses. On one occasion they made the mix wrong with their fruity concentrates and asked us if we could use it. All the ingredients are proper food grade fit for humans, so John used it plus added some special secret stuff and that is how we came up with the recipe. No-one else in the world has this recipe. If you haven’t tried it yet, get onto the SHARE BOARD and do yourself a favour.

Beers ready to go in 2 carton/ 1 keg lots are Mexicana, Rockin Timber, Summer Lizard, Easy Dry, 4 Lizards Mid and Half Tail Lizard

Stay tuned next month, and we’ll tell you how we invented our very popular SUMMER LIZARD (No.33). As always, we guarantee all our beers. If for any reason it isn’t up to our usual high standard, please let us know straight away and we’ll make it right.
 Top 10 Sellers June

1. Mexicana
2. Rockin Timber Lizard
3. Summer lizard
4. Easy Dry
5. Tropical Cider 
6. Four Lizards Mid 
7. Northern Lizard
8. Lizard Island9. Lotsa Lizard
10. Half-Tail Lizard 
Beer Of The Month
HOITY LIZARD is our Beer of the Month!
If you haven’t tried it yet, now is your time. THIS IS THE SIGN YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR. 
It’s Golden coloured,  medium bodied, fruity pale ale with extras.
Hoity Lizard is  Number 84 in our special range beers.
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