Fe-brew-ary News 2020

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A big thank you to all those who supported the raffle. All 500 tickets were sold.
$5000 will be given to The St.Vincent DePaul Bush Fire Relief Appeal. They have guaranteed it will all go to the Appeal.
Laughing Lizard was raffling off a fully set-up Keg Fridge & beer, with all the funds raised going to the bush fire appeal. We drew the lucky winner LIVE on Facebook, hopefully, you tuned in for that, if not, follow Laughing Lizard on Facebook so you never miss a funny moment, a sale or anything else beer related.
Well, we prayed for rain and we got plenty of it. Great for bush fires down south and our gardens,
not so good for Lawn Bowls though.

There are a few long weekends coming up over the next couple of months so if you’re thinking of Party Hire you’d better get your orders quickly. Easter is only 8 weeks away.

The FOOTY SEASON is not far away and about time too.  We have KEG FRIDGES ready to go so that you can watch the footy at home with a few mates at your own bar. How good is that, you’re happy, your mates are happy, and the lovely wife is happy that you’re saving money by not spending a fortune at the pub.

I was going through some old newsletters the other day. Did you know that in 2010 we were selling the same keg fridge that we sell now, on special for $1458. 10 years on and we are selling them even cheaper.
For $1419,

  • we guarantee your warranty,
  • we personally check every fridge and make sure yours is good to go.
  • We test your regulator to make sure it’s good.
  • We even modify your kegs by replacing the poppet springs and the post o-rings. This ensures that your posts won’t leak beer or gas. However, we do recommend that you do your own gas leak check every time you change a gas bottle.
  • Plus, we give you free beer.

Compare all this with other companies if you are shopping around. We encourage you to do this because we know we have the best deals and best ongoing service.

Buy a Double Tap Keg Fridge Package Deal from us for just $1419, or a Triple Tap Keg Fridge Deal for $1479 and we’ll give you 50lts of beer for FREE. Call now and get your beer organised.

We’re phasing out our Bar Ware products, so everything is 50% off. Come in and see what’s left.We also have 5 bottle trees that are second hand but still in good nick. These are going for $20 CASH each.

The  SHARE BOARD is already filling up so check it out and try some great beers. Pop in with your kegs or bottles and fill up.

“Beer Is Good But BEERS are better” 


I mentioned this last month but to the new subscribers and new Lizards, when ordering beer for a keg on the main SHARE BOARD you will need to put your name across 2 spaces (each space is one carton). The shareboard is updated daily, and can also be accessed via the website or via this newsletter.
Our share board fills up quick enough, so why not put your name down for something new, something you have not drunk before, if your name is the only one on the list, we can promote it to others, so you can get it brewed! Go, on, try something new. 

Just Brew It.

Beer Glasses /Chill Mate Stainless Steel Beer Cup 

Come and have a look at our stock in the brewery. The stainless steel cups are extraordinary and keep your beer icy cold! They are double wall, 304 stainless steel and are paired well with a BBQ, by a pool, on a boat, in a chair, standing up, they are an absolute necessity over summer so pop in and get yours!

We sell HEADMASTER GLASSES here. 6 schooner glasses for only $17.50 or just $3.50 each.

They are racing out the door at $28 each.