Beer Making Process – Step 1

Just call in or phone to make a booking. The minimum volumes you can make is 50 litres. (6 cartons x 24 stubbies x 345ml)

At your appointment time, come in & select a beer from our extensive range of over 150 beers. Our staff will give you a recipe of your choice. You then measure our quality ingredients into containers supplied that are added at the appropriate time.

After brewing time of approx 60 minutes, your beer will be ready to transfer into a fermenter, where you will pitch the yeast to start the fermenting process.

Total time taken for the complete brewing experience should be about an hour.

You now need to make a date/time for bottling, minimum of two weeks from brewing date. Payment at this point is required.

Brewing Process – Step 2

We place your brew into our fermentation room to ensure a controlled fermentation, so you get a quality premium beer every time.

On your bottling day, we cold filter your beer through our three stage filtering system. This ensures a clean clear crisp sparkling beer every time.

Lastly your beer will be carbonated using a state-of-the-art electronic carbonator ready for you to bottle or keg.

Brewing Process – Step 3

Return on your bottling day with clean bottles (144 x 345ml stubbies or whatever combination). We have bottles for sale or you can keg it if you wish.

We will assist you to sterilise your bottles using our bottle rinser/sanitiser, after which you can sample your beer.

You now complete the bottling and capping process approx. 60 minutes (while sampling for quality)

Place the bottles in strong boxes, for the trip home to enjoy.

Your beer must be stored in a refrigerator to keep it fresh and avoid spoilage. If you are short of space, think of sharing a brew with a friend.

Is ready to drink, but it gets better with bottle aging. Some hoppy beers will mellow in the bottle over the first week.