Beer Keg Fridge. Christmas Stock

Beer Keg Fridge. Christmas Stock

On The First day of Christmas, my true love gave to me..THE ULTIMATE KEG FRIDGE DEAL

it then made the rest of the days, partridges and all…… BEERABLE!

Two Tower Keg Fridges – ONLY 50 left in stock

Three Tower Keg Fridges – ONLY 20 left in stock

TWO TOWER KEG FRIDGES & THREE TOWER KEG FRIDGES – limited stock for Christmas. First in, first quenched.

Did you know that craft beer is not only delicious, but it also has many health benefits? There is no better time to get kegged and enjoy some delicious craft beer, couple that with one of these keg fridges and you are on your way to a splendid Christmas.

We have our keg fridges in select venues across the Gold Coast too. The owners of Hampton Estate Winery, know that no matter how good their wines are, having craft beer on tap is always in demand. Not only are they customers of ours, they serve our beer in our keg fridges at their lavish venue. Sandy’s Bar & Grill on the other side of the Gold Coast also agrees that craft beer is not just enjoyed, but demanded in their venue.