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About Laughing Lizard

We make 150 different beers and ciders with NO CHEMICALS or PRESERVATIVES. Beers from all over the World, Australia, The Laughing Lizard Group and even “Gluten Free Beer”. For those who like to make their own beer and spirits at home, we have everything you need in our Home Brew Shop. Come along and see what the Laughing Lizard Brewing Company Gold Coast has to offer.

Our Special Offers


Closing 23- Dec at 3pm    reopening 4-Jan

Last day to brew non stock and share board beers is 8-Dec.

Closed Australia Day

PS – our advent calendars are ready to go, for those that have not yet paid, they need to be sorted by 25/11/21 or they will be sold to the next person. For those that have paid could you please pick up ASAP

CO2 Gas Filling Prices or Swap & Go

Did you know we Re-fill your CO2 Gas Bottles?

Laughing Lizard Bar Mat


Laughing Lizard Bar Mat

All rubber with a thin layer of felt

880 x 250mm

100% Nitrile Rubber


Fully Washable

ONLY $22!


Party Keg Hire

Party Keg Hire is Back!

Gatherings of up to 30 people are now allowed which means our keg fridges are ready to head out our doors and into yours.

Call the brewery and get one of these bad boys reserved for your next gathering.

You can choose to fill your kegs with beer, cider or ginger beer.

The keg fridge comes with everything you need, all there is left to do, is to plug it in, and pour away!

Beer twice as nice and half the price!




Beers Brewed & Ready

These beers are almost always brewed and ready for you to keg or bottle.

No.6 Mexicana. 4.7% (Similar to Corona).

No.33 summer Lizard. 4.7%. (Our own recipe. Australian lager)

No.36 Easy Dry. 5%. (Similar to TED).

No.83 Rockin Timber. 4.7% (Similar to Stone & Wood Pacific Ale).

No.73 Half Tail Lizard. 3.5%. (Our own recipe. Pale Ale flavour).

No.75. 4 Lizards Mid. 3.5% (Similar to 4X Gold).

Drink Proudly | Fill Your Kegs, Growlers & Bottles with Craft Beer From Laughing Lizard Brewing

Beer & Friends = Discount

Make your friend OUR friend beer discount

Introduce someone NEW to Laughing Lizard and once they put in a beer order

YOU get a discount on your next beer order!

Win-win for everyone.


Something To Celebrate?

Share The Love, Not The Virus.

If you have something to celebrate, don’t let Covid-19 rain on your parade!

Bring the party to your premises! Best Party Keg Hire Deal on The Gold Coast. From $100!!!!!

Lizard Tapped Venues – Gold Coast

Introducing The Laughing Lizard Craft Beer Range – On Tap In Clubs, Pubs & Restaurants.


Boasting a private membership of more than TWO THOUSAND purveyors of fine beer, The Laughing Lizard Brewing Company has now expanded it’s operations into supplying a select number of local restaurants, bars and clubs that would like to serve their patron’s the option of a choice of draught craft beers, served ice cold to go with their meals.

If you are a club, pub or restaurant that wants to serve the Lizard Craft beer on tap, get in touch with Gary or John today and we will gladly set you up.

Venue Package To Suit Every Budget



Amazing prices, ensuring YOU get a return on your investment.

Contact us today.

What our clients are Saying about us?

“I love all the Laughing Lizard Range. These beers are unique to this fine establishment and are all fantastic.”

Frank Thompson

Great place, very happy cheerful owners. Great social venue and terrific savings for every taste. Huge range of beers to choose from.”

Ray Meredith

“Great atmosphere for you to choose your favourite beer, any problems or can’t choose then these dudes will help you with anything. You will never go thirsty.”

Mark Kelly

The first brew I had was a Mexicana. I drank 15 stubbies on Friday night and woke up Sat morning with no headache or heart burn. I recommend The Laughing Lizard to anyone who enjoys beer and no hangovers.”

Mark Hudson

“The team at Screen Prince have been dealing with The Brewers Club for over 12 months now. We find the service and most importantly the beer to be of outstanding quality. John and Gary offer us very personal touch which we find very satisfying. We recommend the King Lite, Who Kill Kenny and Scottish Lager….etc….etc….etc. Thankyou boys!”

Screen Prince Pty Ltd

“What a great place! Always friendly and helpful to customers! Can only recommend this business. And great tasting beer. A perfect combination. Thanks Gary & John”

Fabien Iseli

“Great taste, fantastic service. We love saving money too!”

Bruce McKenzie

Ashmore Batteries

“Great taste, many varieties, exceptional value, fantastic service, no hangovers. We love it.”

Mark Dilizio

Procoord Painting

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Brew your own beer on the Gold Coast at the Laughing Lizard Brewing Company. Gold Coast Party keg hire is also available. Enquire today!

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