Keg Fridges

Keg Fridges

Our most popular KEG FRIDGES – now Cheaper than ever.


Latest Model Keg Fridge

Best value package deal in Australia. Compare the pair as they say.

Similar deals might give you one, at most two kegs to keep – and most of those times, they are second-hand, beaten up old kegs. If you purchase your KEG FRIDGE through Laughing Lizard you get THREE BRAND NEW 19L KEGS – TO KEEP!!!

Latest Model Keg Fridge.
Choose Your Hardware
Gas Bottle Full Of CO2 Gas.
3 Brand New 19lt Kegs. – TO KEEP FOREVER!
We Have All The Beer And Gas Connections To Get You Ready.
2 Headmaster Beer Glasses To Get You Started.
As a bonus for buying a Keg fridge package deal from us, we will fill your 3 kegs with any of our beers that you choose for FREE. You can have 3 different types if you wish.
There are also upgrades available for the very popular Cobra Tower. These are a commercial quality tower.

From  $1,168!!!!

You won’t find a better deal!

The advantage of buying from Laughing Lizard Brewing is you are backing a local!
We are a family business (2 brothers) that has been in operation for over 10 years.
We guarantee that we will honour the warranty. You won’t have to deal with some faceless person over the internet.
We stock a full selection of all the parts and have a good deal of knowledge about the workings of the fridges.
We’re a one-stop shop. We fill gas bottles here. We can even sort out your BBQ gas bottle while you’re here.